Espresso Martini

A fantastic combo of uppers and downers this popular cocktail is the classy version of the older style liqueur coffee….remember those tall hot black coffees with alcohol and cold whipped cream on top!

You can’t beat fresh espresso which ever way you take it. A perfect shot of coffee with vodka, optional coffee liqueur and a few drops of syrup is my favourite.

45ml vodka
7ml Kaluha
7ml syrup
30ml fresh espresso shot
Nice fresh ice.

Add all alcohol and syrup to a mixing glass. Add lots of dry fresh ice then pour the hot coffee shot over the lot. I like to ‘shake the shit out of it’ to create a full bodied foam and float some beans as a garnish.

A coupe is great but a martini will suffice.

You can try using a variety of not fresh espresso but you’ll invariably end up with a watery or bitter cocktail. Trust me I have, whilst looking for the best way to do this at events. Being a mobile cocktail bartender in Sydney I have been known to buy a few double espressos from the closest cafe to shake these up at home or at a clients event.20140706-013731-5851175.jpg

There are different tales about different cocktails! Pauly McDonald represents the holy trinity with his 3 leaf ‘clover’ placement of coffee beans. Guillermo Arnal will tell a different story.

What’s your story? for the garnish that is? Or have you got any other mentions about Serving an Espresso martini in Sydney bars or around the world? Feel free to comment below!


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