Arcane Old Fashioned – rum

The Old-Fashioned cocktail is so in fashion right now! Named as much because they were ordered in the 1900s as an old-fashioned cocktail (“not one of those new fancy drinks”) they were commonly served in an old-fashioned glass. The epitome of the word cocktail with sugar, bitters and spirit stirred down to perfection. Often served on a large block or sphere of ice to maintain the temperature without diluting the cocktail further; this again harps back to the
olden times where large blocks of ice were delivered on the back of a donkey and carved up on site.

Arcane Old Fashioned

Arcane Old Fashioned

Arcane Old Fashioned


60mls rum
Bar spoon of fine sugar
Orange rind
I used morello cherries for a twist and added 2 bar spoons to the mix


Dissolve sugar in 15mls of rum in a mixing glass. Fill glass with ice and add bitters and the rest of the rum and morello juice if desired. Stir down till chilled and the heat has been diluted out of the spirit. Strain over a block ice and garnish with orange rind twisted over the cocktail and a few cherries on a stick.

This is a great after dinner cocktail but one to be taken seriously so sip slowly.