Doris and Beryl’s Bridge Club & Tea House

Southside and it’s there. Hook under the bar for jacket, check. Dashing bearded bartender; check.

Sam, he's our man!

Sam, he’s our man!

I love small bars… And this one on the south side of King Street is right down my alley. Sitting at the bar with alcohol banter is a lovely form of escapism. Imagining where each bottle came from and its journey to get there, the process of making the liquid in each bottle. Doris and Beryls have a fantastic assortment of knickknacks arranged in a mosaic tile bookshelf each with a story like some kinda fantasy book.

And their cocktail list is great too.

Sam is the man making things happen and knowing your clientele and your bar certainly helps. Worth his weight in gold this man can look you in the eye and tell you what you’re drinking.

Starting with the Southside I popped next door to grab a mixed grill from the Turkish guys. They brought it into the bar as I finished off the last sip and moved onto a glass of red wine. This post is about the cocktails so I’ll skip the food and wine and move on to the next drink after dinner style.
On the fly I asked for muddled apples with calvados a bit of sweet and sour and shake it hard. The Apple fan was impeccable and the final product delectable.
Would you believe I can’t remember the last cocktail I had, it was a few weeks ago, which proves time is of the esense. Just like alcohol.