For 10 years Mobile Cocktail Bars have long been the largest growing sector of 2010 Productions Events Services. Today, with the wealth of experience we’ve gained from participating, executing and attending 1000′s of events we put our heads together to create an amazing end to end pop up bar experience that focuses on cocktails for private or public events.

Introducing CocktailClub.co

Our themed bar experiences and rum inspired cocktail lists are tailored to the event, big or small. Click the cocktail services and blog posts on the right to peruse some of our experiences or click through to www.2010.com.au for a full list of bars and hire items and much more for your event.

The story goes….

“What would happen if Che got on Johnny Depp’s boat with Hemingway to the sound track of Sergio Mendes and Sinatra? One could assume consumption of all manner of enjoyments, many rum and tequila inspired, would ensue. Combine with some boat shoes, straw fedora hats and potentially floral attire and your set for some good vibes, imbibes and fun times.”

CocktailClub draws inspiration from the above and more when bringing you their Mobile Cocktail Bar experience, an exciting new subset from 2010 Productions. We imbibe rum and tequila inspired libations from around the world but we’ll make any cocktail for you!clubhouse cocktails

Get in touch with your event info for a quote and CocktailClub will work with you and 2010 to produce your special event which includes tailored themed attire, cocktail lists, service bars and furniture, entertainment booking and more.